1530 - 3060 sqft

2,3,4 Bedrooms

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Amillarah Private Islands

For Sale

₹4 Cr onwards

Motilal Oswal Property Advisory Recommend Darsshan Ricco at Lower Parel. Darsshan Ricco is one of the finest designs have constructed. The best that luxury has to offer, a place where you sync with the sky, yet close to commercial facilities. It connects you with the world. 'Sarvagun Sampann' Darsshan Ricco has everything that one desires for, and which is essential in this stressful life to give your loved ones a healthy and luxurious lifestyle. Darsshan Ricco is a 23 storey elite building. It's Lobby has a beautifully contemporary design catering to only 3 flats per floor.

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