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25 February 2016

Simplifying tortuous user journey through design

Decided to buy a property? Great! Researched preferred areas and localities with family and friends? Nice! Checked online property portals, contacted real estate agents, shortlisted few? Even better! Went for a site visit, received the price breakup? Alas! All your approximations smashed.

So how might we help our user in determining the closest price he has to pay for a property of his interest without jeopardizing his budget? This was the enigma we wanted to solve, that gave origin to one of the exceptional feature that we brought for our users - Price Bifurcation.

Recalling the day the concept was presented to us, a sheer excitement to see that feature coming live energized everyone involved. The team was pretty confident on the uniqueness of the feature. But to put a stamp on all convictions, the team decided to go for a telephonic survey to understand the needs of the end users. As expected, the response was remarkably positive. The users were quite ecstatic about the idea of getting familiar beforehand with all property related jargons that make the amount they have to pay for the apartment they are looking for. As a design team, the insights on the buying behavior of the user that this exercise uncovered was also significant.

During this initial discovery phase, we also came across the importance of additional amount apart from the apartment cost that users have to pay at the time of possession. This additional offering reinforces the concept and takes us one step ahead in figuring out users needs and requirements in a better way.

With dedicated attempts and deep effort from all teams, the development process moved ahead and the moment was here when we can see the much-awaited feature live on our website. Fingers were crossed but confidence was at its zenith.

It's a great feeling when all associated elements affirms that the direction you are moving is the right one. After classifying all relevant entry points, we started with conceptualizing the interface that would help us manifesting the feature in an easy, usable and consumable way. An iterative round of discussion on high fidelity wireframes gave us a clearer picture of how the feature might be used in real scenarios.

Comments (3)

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